Welcome to Thermal Roll Shop Help.

Here are a few demonstrations to help you get started using Thermal Roll Shop online.

How to measure a cash register roll?

Firstly measure the width of your roll. Measure it precisely to be sure it will fit into your cash register. Refer to the user equipment manual if you are in any doubt.

Secondly, measure the full diameter of the paper across the middle of a new register roll (include the core in the center). You may use a smaller size - it simply will just run out quicker!

How to add items to my shopping cart?

Click on the 'Catalogue' link in the top menu bar and you will be taken to our online catalogue.

Select a category to view the products listed within each category.

Select the products you would like to order.

To add products to the cart enter the required quantity you would like to order then click Add To Cart.

Repeat the above process for other products that you would like to order.

How do I checkout my order?

To review any products that you've added to your shopping cart simply click the shopping cart located at the top of any page.

Once you've added all the products that you need press the Checkout Button button.

Check your account details and delivery address. When all the details are correct click Next Button.

Confirm all order details are correct and place your order by Shopping Cart.

Your order is now placed and you will receive an email immediately confirming receipt of your order. You can print or save a PDF copy of your order for your reference.

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