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MX6600 Pricing Gun

MX6600 Pricing Gun

With unrivalled ease of use, and functionality, make your labelling requirements a breeze with the genuine and highly popular Motex® MX6600 Pricing Gun, available in either the Standard, Alpha, Dating or Newsagent configuration. 

This product is incredibly easy to load and use, you will be pricing your stock with this product in no time. This Pricing Labeller allows you to print on the top and bottom of your 23mm x 16mm label, helping include all the important information needed when marking your products, this also leaves plenty of space in the middle of the label if you wanted to have your business’ details printed. Each Pricing Gun comes with one free ink roller included, however labels to suit this Pricing Gun are sold here

Read from the below to see which Motex® MX6600 would be the best pick for your business’ needs:

Motex® MX6600 Alpha Configuration

This configuration allows you to print up to 10 characters, the top row comes with four alpha bands and six numerical bands, allowing you to put product code information on the top line, and pricing on the bottom.

Motex® MX6600L+ Labeller - Alpha

Motex® MX6600 Dating by Configuration

This configuration allows you to print up to 10 characters, the bottom head is set up to allow you to include a date in a date/month/year format, allowing you to print both a price and a product use by or best before date.

Motex® MX6600L+ Labeller - Dating

Motex® MX6600 Newsagents Configuration

This configuration is perfectly designed for newsagents to be able to properly label supplier details on their products, this gun is designed to print on the top and the bottom of the label, enabling you to have your business details printed in the middle. You can print up to 10 characters on both the top and bottom line with our Motex® MX6600 Pricing gun.

Motex® MX6600L+ Labeller - Newsagents

Motex® MX6600 Standard Configuration

This configuration allows you to print up to 10 characters on your labels allowing for plenty of options when pricing your inventory. This configuration allows you to include two prices on the one label, such as a discounted price and a normal price.

Motex® MX6600L+ Labeller - Standard