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Advantages of Using Thermal Paper

19 March 2012

Once only used in fax machines, thermal paper has come to be one of the most used types of paper throughout the business world, with everything from receipts to boarding passes now printed on it. There are more than a few reasons why thermal paper has become so popular -- the following are just a few of them.
A huge benefit of thermal paper is that it allows for more precise printing than regular ink. This is why hospitals, lottery agencies and anyone who needs real precision are turning to thermal paper printing services.

Low maintenance, lasts longer
A big advantage of using thermal paper rolls is that there is a lot less maintenance involved, as you don’t have ink cartridges to replace. Thermal printing works by using heat to create a chemical reaction, so all you need to do is keep the printer head clean and clear, wiping everything down regularly. Thermal printers don’t need a lot of moving parts, which makes them simpler to run and longer lasting than ink printers. A decent quality thermal printer can last for a remarkable length of time, even under the pressure of a constant heavy workload.
For people and businesses that need to be able to move quickly, thermal paper printing is a fantastic option, as it is extremely fast. When you think about all the places you go in a week where thermal printing is used, it can mean you’re saving quite a significant amount of time by the end of an average week.
If you have to do a lot of printing at your business, it can get a little maddening having to listen to a noisy printer all day. Thermal printers are a virtually silent form of printer, so you won’t have to go home with that searing headache over and over again.
Won’t jam
Using thermal rolls will save you a lot of time and hassle, as it’s far less likely to jam than ordinary paper. This will take the frustration out of doing a large printing job, as paper jams can quickly drive a person insane.
Allows for mobile printing
Before thermal printing, it wasn’t possible to have light, high-quality and affordable mobile printing units, as they were too heavy, messy or were to expensive. Thanks to thermal paper, however, mobile units are now widely used across retail and hospitality sectors, and have allowed for better customer service and more flexible time management.
Thermal paper has revolutionised the world of paper, and with it the way businesses around the world do their printing. Printing has become clearer and simpler than ever, allowing businesses to provide a relevant printout for their customers no matter where they may be. While not entirely a ‘green’ printing option, thermal paper printing will save you having to buy ink, and now that recycled thermal paper has become available, you can feel even better about making the switch.