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People and Places That Use Thermal Paper

3 February 2012

There was a time when the only place you would see thermal paper being used was in fax machines, though this is well and truly a thing of the past. Thermal paper is now used in many places throughout our society, from hospitals to grocery stores, making it one of the most significant recent developments in the world of paper. The following are some of the people and places that use thermal paper these days.
The receipts that you receive anytime you use an automatic teller machine are printed out on thermal paper rolls. This is a great example of a time that you want a printed copy of something that is clear and printed quickly, so using thermal printing makes its case as a great option. ...

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Storing & Looking After Your Thermal Paper

1 February 2012

There are lots of advantages to using thermal paper, from sharp, clear images to soundless printers, using a combination of chemicals, thermal paper requires quite a bit more care when it comes to storing it. Thermal rolls can deteriorate quite quickly if you aren’t careful, so make sure you are making the most of this great new style of paper by keeping in mind the following tips.
Be Careful Where You Store It
Thermal paper is a little more high maintenance than regular paper as a result of its chemical components, though if you take the time to look after it, thermal paper can generally last for up to 2 years before being printed on, and for over twice as long once printed. It is recommended that you store your unused thermal paper rolls in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. ...

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