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Do You Need to Speed Up Your Service?

30 July 2012

Good business has always been associated with being fast, so when things start to slow down in any business there is usually a fair amount of concern. Every business is different, and if yours is one where speed is paramount, you may have valid concerns. Here is a look at whether or not your business needs to consider speeding up its service.
Do you have enough staff?
If you don’t have enough staff then your problem may not be a matter of speed as much as it is a matter of numbers. Make sure you provide enough workers so that keeping up with demand is possible. The only way to know if you have enough staff is by spending some time at your workplace, so before you start passing judgement on the speed at which your workers are moving, take a look at what your staff are doing and how they are doing it.

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Fast Service or Helpful Service?

28 May 2012

If your business can find a system to provide fast and helpful service, you are likely to be very successful at whatever it is you do, as these days, few people have much time to waste. Sometimes the key is not allowing your business to get too big, or just being smart about putting on extra staff during the busy periods. Often there are simple changes that can make all the difference. Here is a brief look at providing customer service that is both fast and helpful.
The full package
People really do want it all when it comes to customer service, and considering how much some items cost these days it is fair enough to have high expectations. If you run a business and want your customers to go home satisfied with plans to return, you’re going to have to provide fast and helpful service.

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