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Coloured Thermal Paper Uses

9 January 2014

Most businesses tend to use white thermal paper at their point of sale (POS) for their receipts, due to thermal printing being easier and more economical than using printers that require inks or toners. This is all very well and good, but we’re puzzled as to why people feel that their receipts must be printed on white paper. Why not yellow, pink or orange?


Here are some uses for coloured thermal paper that you may not have thought of before:

1. Promotions - If you’re running a specific promotion in-store, why not use coloured paper to distinguish your offer from the hundreds of other receipts that the average person collects over the space of a week? Coloured thermal paper can be a great way to set your promotion/advertisement apart from the crowd, and can also cause it to have a greater impression on your customers due to its novelty and difference.
2. Marketing tool - If your business logo has a specific colour within it, such as a bright orange, then by using orange receipt paper you will automatically have your customer’s brains link the colour orange to your business logo and your products. From this point, your customers will associate your business with any time that they see the colour, thus keeping you in their thoughts. This means that when they require another service that you provide, you will be the first business that they call.
3. Easy to distinguish - Many customers when they need to return a product or query a sale will have to hunt around in their pocket/wallet/purse/bag etc in order to find the one receipt among hundreds that they need. With coloured receipt paper, you will set your receipts ahead of the rest and make your business more easily found. This will increase your customer’s satisfaction, leaving everybody happy!





Invest in coloured thermal paper of pink, yellow or orange today and never look back.