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Storing & Looking After Your Thermal Paper

1 February 2012

There are lots of advantages to using thermal paper, from sharp, clear images to soundless printers, using a combination of chemicals, thermal paper requires quite a bit more care when it comes to storing it. Thermal rolls can deteriorate quite quickly if you aren’t careful, so make sure you are making the most of this great new style of paper by keeping in mind the following tips.
Be Careful Where You Store It
Thermal paper is a little more high maintenance than regular paper as a result of its chemical components, though if you take the time to look after it, thermal paper can generally last for up to 2 years before being printed on, and for over twice as long once printed. It is recommended that you store your unused thermal paper rolls in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Documents that have been printed on thermal paper should be kept in similar conditions to unused rolls, with their images expected to last roughly between 3 and 7 years
Keep It Away From Bad Influences
It is recommended that thermal paper rolls not be kept stored in shrink wraps, near adhesives or even near regular ink printed paper, as the quality of the thermal paper may become compromised. Oils and liquids stored near thermal paper can also negatively affect the quality of the paper. So for the best way to extend the life of your thermally printed information, it is recommended that you keep thermal printed paper in a cool, dry and sunlight free environment.
Thermal Printer Maintenance
One of the best ways to be looking after your thermal paper is to make sure you are keeping your thermal paper printing devices clean and maintained. Firstly make sure that the printer head is not only properly installed but also cleaned regularly, as the printer head is one of the most important elements when printing thermal paper. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to remove dust from the print head to ensure that there is no dust or lint that can interfere with the printing process. There are a number of handy devices on the market for cleaning thermal printer heads such as printer cleaning pens. It is well worth the money to invest in some kind of printer cleaning assistance unless you want to be calling the printer technician regularly, and paying top dollar for them to come and clean your printer for you.
Make a Copy
Like all papers, thermal paper, is going to eventually deteriorate, so it’s a good idea to make a copy of anything important while you can. The best thing to do if you require copies of crucial receipts or documents, is to scan them and store on a regularly backed up computer. This way you will always be able to print out a fresh copy should you ever need to.