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POS Systems Often Out-of-date in Restaurant Business

6 February 2013

If you’re in the restaurant business, the odds are high that you’re using a POS system that is out of date for your current needs.  For many people, their image of a POS is dated—centred on a computer and EFTPOS roll.
A 2012 survey of 500 restaurant owners (by indicated that more than 40% of them used a POS system that was 5 or more years old.

But new companies are beginning to meet needs in a whole different way, taking market share away from traditional POS companies. Square is one such example—in early 2012, their POS system was processing $8 billion in transactions. That figure is impressive, but even more so when you consider that figure is an 80% increase from 2011!
The continued use of out-of-date systems is no indicator of user satisfaction. Only 40% of the 500 owners indicated that they were happy with their current POS system.